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“Chaka has such amazing energy. Her aura is one that you just want to be around. Chaka made it so easy to be myself around her. Since our initial meeting I felt so grateful to have her as my doula. She provided genuine support throughout my pregnancy. Chaka helped me to navigate through the normal woes of pregnancy while also helping me process some personal trauma I was dealing with. I could not imagine going through my pregnancy without Chaka's aide and assistance. When I had questions I could call Chaka for answers and reassurance. When I was having a hard time whether physically or emotionally I could call her for support and validation. Chaka puts the Do in doula. She is amazing, and you can tell that she is made for birth work. She helped me feel confident in birthing my son. She has been a huge support to me and my partner throughout our pregnancy and postpartum journey. She provided tools for pain management for my "planned" unmedicated birth. She helped me prepare mentally and physically for a plan B in case my initial plan didn't go how I imagined (which it didn't). She was also there to support me when I ultimately had to have a cesarean to birth my son. I am so glad I was able to have Chaka as my doula. I signed up for a doula and have gained a sister. She's so motherly and friendly. She has a wealth of knowledge but she's also not afraid to admit when she doesn't know something. She's an eager learner and is very open to advice. Chaka, Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate you so much. I can not thank you enough! You have been the best birthing aide I could've ever asked for. If you are looking for a doula whether virtual or in person look no further because Chaka Parker is the Doula for you.” - Jalecia W

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