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Chaka Parker


I am a mother of three beautiful children and I’ve also been instrumental in assisting two other couples with expanding their families by becoming a surrogate mom. For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to pregnant women and babies. Whether it be watching a baby story on TLC or reading articles. I intended to learn as much as possible about pregnancy, birth and parenting in order to get ready for motherhood. Little did I know that each pregnancy and experience would be different and have its own challenges.  

In life we are all called to do something even when we don’t know what that is! I now fully accept that I was called to show and spread love, serve others in a way I never knew how or that I could, and spread my wings further than I could imagine!

My desire is to support and educate women throughout their pregnancy journey and after. To empower them to connect with their mind, body, and baby, to appreciate and love their bodies and what the body is able to create and do!

I am also here to assist and uplift surrogate families throughout their journey, to establish and create a healthy bond amongst families.

I support all family structures and would love to support you!

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My Philosophy

I believe in the power of birth and birthing people. I believe that all births are unique, and no matter the type of birth you are seeking, you should feel informed, supported, and confident in your choices. 


My Training

Certified Holistic Doula.

Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services.

A Life of Peace and the National Black Doula Association Training.

 I specialize in prenatal, birth, postpartum care, meditation, self-care, and maternity reiki (energy healing). I’m also able to assist with your fertility needs and support surrogate families.

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